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Nieka GS4-a – Fusion Instrument

The Nieka GS-4 fluxer is a cost effective automatic fusion machine for XRF with 4 stations and a compact footprint. The G-series fusion components are enclosed in a built in safety cabinet that is locked during fusion until the cooling step is over, providing you with the safest operation.

Model: GS4-a


Nieka® G-Series – new and unique features

  • High Productivity – 4 positions (up to 24 samples per hour)
  • Automated Operation – Multilingual integrated touchscreen controller with accessible controls, easy to follow fusion program execution through the instrument screen, or your PC.
  • Monitoring – Temperature monitoring of the fusion process (patent pending), real-time monitoring through the Nieka data management system.
  • Efficiency and Repeatability – proprietary heating chambers allow a high thermal efficiency and higher fusion temperatures for difficult samples.
  • Easy Installation – low pressure gas line and standard electrical outlet. no compressed air or oxygen is required.
  • Safety – integrated locking safety door, real time fusion monitoring and automatic shut off feature.