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CALIBSO is a laboratory measurement solution based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIBS.
The technology allows qualitative and quantitative multielement analysis. By means of a high-quality sample imaging, pre-selected measurement positions are analysed contact free and with high spatial and spectral resolution. The easy-to-use software Sophi nXt ensures the reliable control of all components and forms the central interface between operator and technology. The robust housing with its integrated interlocking circuit ensures safe handling and a long-term protection of the implemented cutting-edge components.

The CALIBSO is a versatile tool for the elemental analysis by LIBS in a laboratory environment. It provides unique advantages for applications in the fields of geology, metallurgy, environment, forensics and others.

By using an automated CMOS-based 6 Mpixel camera the CALIBSO delivers a highly resolved, clear live image of your sample. The imaging mode is also used to define the points or regions of interest for the following analysis. The coaxial beam path allows a spatial resolution better than 25µm.

The integrated Aryelle echelle spectrometer provides the exceptional combination of high spectral resolving power simultaneously with a large wavelength range. The measuring time is optimized by the capability of getting up to 40 spectra per second.

By using a cutting-edge durable air cooled dpps laser, the need of maintenance and service is reduced to a minimum. The proven optical design of laser ignition allows a spot size down to 70µm. Secured by an integrated interlocking circuit, the system can be operated without additional personal safety equipment. The sophisticated mirror collection optic in combination with a thermal stabilized spectrometer ensures a signal detection on a new level of robustness.

The CALIBSO software Sophi nXt controls all system functions and provides easy-to-use tools for the following analysis. The software is guiding user-friendly through the process of imaging, measurement and analysis. A powerful toolbox with PCA, PLS-DA, Lasso and several more functions give the right choice for classifications and quantifications and widen the scope of application besides the elemental analysis based on the emission lines database. The fully software integrated xyz-stage enables the system to provide elemental maps as well as depth profiles of points, lines or areas.

Measuring technique Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) Qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis
LIBS Laser Diode pumped 1064nm
Laser repetition rate 40 Hz
Pulse energy on sample 1 – 26 mJ, stepless adjustable
Wavelength range 210 nm – 850 nm
Spectral resolution 28 pm – 113 pm
XYZ-stage Travel range X = 145 mm , Y = 95 mm, Z = 50 mm
Resolution 10 µm
Repeatability 10 µm
Sample Imaging CMOS camera-based 6 Mpixel
image field ~ 19 mm x 28 mm
Resolution 25 µm
General Dimensions 810 mm x 1100 mm x 590 mm
Weight < 200 kg
Safety Laser class 1
Software Measuring methods Single measurement
Continuos single measurement
Multipoint Measurement
Depth profile
Measurements “On the fly”
Analysis LIBS Elemental analysis – NIST database
Material classification (PCA or PLS-DA)
Material quantification univariate
Material quantification multivariate (PLS,Lasso)
Accessories Standard samples Reference materials for LIBS integrated in sample table
  • Geology
  • Metallurgy
  • Environmental
  • Gemology
  • Forensics