Microscopy Solutions for Digital Classrooms – Carl ZEISS x Minh Khang

As science and technology are developing nowadays, digital transformation in education is a very popular method.

The Digital Classroom solution with smart microscopes from ZEISS provides the foundation for implementing digital interactive classrooms, providing an intuitive teaching and learning experience, which helps to promote the passion for scientific discovery among students.

The Digital Classroom solution is a Wi-Fi enabled microscope system that can connect to Instructors and students’ iPads, iPhones or Windows-PCs, allowing Instructors to use document sharing features, slideshows and many other useful tools to make practical lessons more interesting and engaging than ever.

Minh Khang Co., Ltd will organize a completely free Demo Workshop series to introduce the “Digital Classroom Solution” with the ZEISS microscope system.

If you are interested in this solution, please contact Minh Khang Company for advice and support, or leave information in the following form: