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B290 mini – Spray Dryer

The Gala platform is equipped to a spray-drying at laboratory scale. The system can spray aqueous solution, dispersions and emulsions and to dry it with an air flow or with inert gaz (nitrogen) in order to generate dry powder.

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With this equipment, different nozzle sizes are available to disperse the liquide into fine droplets, which are dried quickly and gently in the drying chamber. The generated powder is trained by the aspiration into the cyclone which separates the particles to the gaz.
For organic solvents, and explosive materials, the spray-dryer operates as a closed-loop system, with a condensation system for solvents vapour and a security system for gas detection).
  • Capacity: 1 liter / 0.26 gallons per hour H20
  • Maximum temperature input:
    • 428° Fahrenheit
  • Includes:
    • Spraying nozzle
    • Peristaltic pump
    • Flow meter
    • Outlet temperature sensor
    • Digital control panel
  • Buchi B-296 Dehumidifier:
    • Capabilities:
      • Pre-dehumidify air before spray drying
      • Pre-chill cooling air for spray chilling
      • Allow dryer to spray dry organic solvents & water mixtures
  • Visual process with glass assembly
  • Adjustable particle size: 2 – 25 microns
  • Approximate overall dryer dimensions (inches): 28 long x 26 wide x 43 high
  • PLEASE NOTE: requires glass chamber
Equipment Size 28″ L × 26″ W × 43″ H
Dryer Type: Spray Dryer
Capacity: 1 Liter per hour H20
Tubs: Glass
Voltage: 230
Hertz: 60Hz