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Foodproof® GMO Soya Identification 3 LyoKit

The foodproof GMO Soya Identification 3 LyoKit allows qualitative identification of genetically modified soya FG72, A5547-127, DP-356043 and MON87705 by real-time PCR. The multiplex PCR is carried out simultaneously in a single reaction, and events are identified in different detection channels.

The events FG72 (Balance), A5547-127 (Liberty Link), DP-356043 (GAT, Optimum) and MON87705 (Vistive Gold) are detected by the foodproof GMO Screening LyoKits. Parallel to our foodproof GMO Screening LyoKits, it is recommended to use the foodproof GMO Soya Identification 1 LyoKit and foodproof GMO Soya Identification 2 LyoKit to achieve comprehensive detection and secure analysis of food and feed samples.