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Foodproof® GMO Soya Identification 1 LyoKit

The foodproof GMO Soya Identification 1 LyoKit allows qualitative identification of genetically modified soya DAS-44406-6, MON87701, MON87708 and MON87769 by real-time PCR. The multiplex PCR is carried out simultaneously in a single reaction, and events are identified in different detection channels.

Every GMO screening approach, no matter how well-thought-out, leaves a small gap. GM plants, which do not contain one of the targeted sequences, remain undetected. For instance, events like DAS-44406-6, MON87701, MON87708 or MON87769 do not share commonly used “toolbox” elements. To close this gap, it is recommended to use the foodproof GMO Soya Identification 1 LyoKit and foodproof GMO Soya Identification 2 LyoKit in parallel to our foodproof GMO Screening LyoKits to achieve comprehensive detection and secure analysis of food and feed samples.