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EVO Family – Scanning Electron Microscope

Modular SEM Platform for Intuitive Operation, Routine Investigations and Research Applications

The instruments of the EVO family combine high performance scanning electron microscopy with an intuitive, user-friendly experience that appeals to both trained microscopists and new users.

With its comprehensive range of available options, EVO can be tailored precisely to your requirements, whether you are in life sciences, material sciences, or routine industrial quality assurance and failure analysis.

  • Versatile solution for central microscopy facilities or industrial quality assurance laboratories
  • Excellent images from any real-world sample
  • Maximum image quality with the lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) emitter
  • Imaging and analytical excellence on non-conductive and uncoated samples
  • Workflow automation and data integrity
Choose EVO 10—with optional backscatter detector and Element EDS system—to be your entry point to scanning electron microscopy, at a remarkably affordable price. Even this smallest of EVO vacuum chambers is well differentiated from tabletop SEMs. Your investment in EVO now assures that you are ready for applications that require more space and ports than you anticipate today.
EVO 15 demonstrates the flexibility concept of the EVO family and excels in analytical applications. Opt for the larger vacuum chamber of the EVO 15, and add variable pressure for imaging and analysis of non-conductive samples or parts, and you have a versatile, multi-purpose solution for central microscopy facilities or industrial quality assurance laboratories.
EVO 25 is the industrial workhorse solution with enough space to accommodate even the largest parts and assemblies. Expand EVO 25 capabilities further with an optional 80 mm Z travel stage that can handle weights up to 2 kg even with tilt. Additionally, the large chamber will accommodate multiple analytical detectors for the most demanding microanalysis applications.
Maximum specimen heights
100 mm
145 mm
210 mm
Maximum specimen diameter
230 mm
250 mm
300 mm
Motorized stage travel XYZ
80 x 100 x 35 mm
125 x 125 x 50 mm
130 x 130 x 50 (or 80) mm
High Vacuum (HV) mode
Best quality imaging and analysis on conductive samples
Variable Pressure (VP) mode
High quality imaging and analysis on uncoated, non-conductive samples
Extended Pressure (EP) mode
Environmental imaging of hydrated or contaminated samples in their natural state